High current, current transformers etc - possible "Group buy" auction closes 9/2 7:30

So this is probably a longshot, but I thought I would see if there is any interest in Assorted Vintage Electrical Parts - Pallet Lot (18633-13)

Description says 11 current transformers and lots more items.
Can see that some current transformers are:-
New - well maybe old, but seem unused see auction photo and the model 60044
These above ones are clip on and the used ones below are NOT clip on.
Used hand marked CF17E1 see auction photo - these are probably the “8x 600A Indoor Transformers”.

There is also a heap more switchboard type gear - seems heavy duty - 3 phase … it is a pallet load!

I can imagine scrounging many useful cases and relays and other parts, however it is a pallet load and I only “need” a few items.

For that type of use, the maximum/winning bid would hopefully be quite low. Some items might have reasonable scrap values - eg the 20x Copper Fixed 400A Contacts.

So is anyone else interested in joining up to score any of these items?

I would propose splitting items at “cost” (eg total cost/number of items … where number of items = number of items taken … so this would exclude left overs in the count). If MHV desired adding say 10% for MHV.
Off course there are other ways to do this, especially if only a few items are of interest, thus leaving a lot of “left overs” - suggestions are welcome.

There are two other similar, but to me less interesting auctions closing 9th & 11th:
Assorted Vintage Electrical Equipment & Relays - Pallet Lot (18633-16)
Assorted Vintage Electrical Meter & Relay Boxes - Pallet Lot (18633-14)

They also have 8 pallets of large power (transmission?) line insulators at least 200mm diameter each… sounds like those will be a challenge for them to move. Don’t think these have been listed.