Hard drive for Tech Videos

Does anyone have a 200G or larger external hard drive, or an external hard drive case that they can donate to MHV?

I’ve got 158Gb of videos from 31c3 and linuxconf.au 2015 that might be good to have in the space when I’m not there.

(there is a 500Gb drive that was in Morphia that could be used in an external case)

If pressed I will consider retiring my old 320GB USB 2.0 2.5" external disk.

But I think we will be better off with a larger disk (1-2TB) for caching videos. Media tends grow like that.

I notice: “Western Digital Elements Desktop 3TB Hard Drive” $90 at officeworks:

Will this suit our needs?

That seems like a good price for 3Tb - not in stock at many stores though.

Braddon says “Limited”. Maybe one cal call ahead.
Tuggeranong says “In Stock” - but is it worth the trip south?

I asked to hold one for me, will pick it up this morning.

Thanks @eyal, that sounds good.

I have it now. How to I get it to you? I assume you want to xfer your files to it before installing it at the space.

I have the LCA 2013/14 (I do plan to fetch 2015 soon) which are both small and I can put them of the disk. How do we want the disk partitioned/formatted?

Maybe others want to take the disk home and dump videos onto it?

BTW, I did not tear the shrink-wrap but it says that it includes a USB cable and an AC adapter. NTFS out of the box.

I have the 2015 LCA on the disk here. I think a single partition, ext4 or
exfat? I think I can get the server here to read my hpfs disk to copy
things across.

I’m at MHV this afternoon until about 5:30pm. Might be in tomorrow too, not
sure yet.

Good, I will drop in soon (before 5pm).
I am leaving the disk alone and will have the lca2013/14 on a USB stick.