Hard Drive and System update to the 3d printer computer

Hi All
I would like to do a system update to the 3d printer Computer, currently it is using Ubuntu v1404, but to use the latest version of Lolzbot cura V 2.6+ we need to be have the system at Ubuntu V1604 which is now not at LTS, or close to the end of LTS.

Ubuntu v1804 is now LTS and will be supported till 2023.

Does anyone have a good 1tb sata drive to donate to the cause , the old drive will be put in a case and connected to the computer and available to for data retrieval

I would like to do this over this weekend (5-6 of May ).

can anyone Help out ?

I dropped 2 or 3 hdds at the space ages ago. At least one was a 500gb.
They were with all the computers in the back room, but I have no idea where they would be by now.

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Ok i will look around

I have a PC with a 400GB HDD which I can donate.

Hi All
@Ian I found the drives off the old towers and used one of those (500gb)
got the install done (ubuntu 1804) and updated

I also installed Cure 2.6.* from Lulzbot,I haven’t done a test print yet but .thats tomorrows job , The machine runs well
the log in is mackhackvoid with the same password as the old system

thanks for your assistance and ifo


According to their wiki 16.04 LTS is “Supported until April 2021”. 18.04 is very fresh and we may want to not yet upgrade to that.
[oops] Too late…

yep there was probs i have reloaded with 1604, i just have to install cura

I have got the Taz 5 going again, with the latest lulzbot version of cura v2. 6.69 and the latest firmware (marlin 1.1.5 I think, have to check)

Hi all
I have now got the taz 5 printing well

There is still a little more tweaking but it prints well