GovHack 2014 Winners

The MakeHackVoid team had a good time at GovHack this year and built ‘Artifacts’

The team pages is
and there is a running demo available at

Tonight the prizes were given out and MakeHackVoid has won in two ways. The first is that the team won the National prize for “Best Public Servant Teams”:

The public service in Australia has many clever and creative
people who are driven by a sense of duty and public good. Public
servants participated in 26 teams this year and this award tries to
recognise the ones that meet these goals and provide an example for
the broader public service.

1st Prize:
Team Make Hack Void (Canberra) – for exemplifying a collaborative,
multi-disciplinary, innovative and outcomes focused approach by public

(quoted from GovHack 2023 is over but 2024 is on the horizon - GovHack)

Team Contributors (Alphabetical)

  • Adam Baxter (@voltagex) Professional bug writer.
  • Alastair Paton (taxles) Video production, documentation.
  • Brenda Moon (@brenda) Programming.
  • Calum Spring (@talsidor) Programming.
  • Cameron Moon (@cmrn) Technomage.
  • Denise Paton (denisep) Video editing.
  • Jamie Reid (@jambulance) Programming.
  • Jessica Smith (@itgrrl) Team page editor, photography/videography, cat herding.
  • Max Bainrot (@mbainrot) Code Monkey.
  • Megan Byrne (prototype dino) Programming.
  • Zak Nichol (balfourianae) Video Director and Script composition.

The second way that MHV has won is that we are being given a 3D printer by #GovHack (one was allocated to each State I think) and it should be delivered this week.