Getting two Pololu3 robots for MHV


I think it would be good if MHV owned a couple of the Pololu 3 Robots so that people could experiment with them without having to buy them individually.

Chris from Australian Robotics is bringing some to MHV in time for the workshop today. Not sure if I can get a decision from the committee that quickly, so I might do-ocracy and buy them and take the risk of being the proud owner of some pololu robots. I’ll be asking for donations towards them from people who want to use them in the workshop.



+1 for buying them.

Because robots :slight_smile:

Good idea. Let’s get them.

+1 for buying them here too

Agree, sounds like a good idea.

I’ve got the two Pololu3 robots, will bring them in again tonight. I tested both at the Saturday workshop and both seem fine.

I have ordered one of these programmers for MHV: so people can program the robots. It shipped yesterday, so I should have it before Saturday.

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