ESP8266 + IoT Night 8/7/2015

We haven’t had a specific ESP8266 catchup night for a while so let’s do so next wednesday night.

The latest thing I’ve been able to do is a terminal program that makes it easy to get started:

Also, I’ve been able to move network configuration into a configuration file on the ESP8266 modules:


That’s enough to get http posting of the data to a Python webserver and graphing of the data.

@Eyal: I’ll bring the Solar Cells and 18650 batteries. Cheers

I’ll be there.

  • I can give a progress report on my temperature Thing
  • discuss the group purchase option
  • select LDO and PCB ideas

That will be interesting.

If we can get the low-power battery board going, then I can take it to Japan and get some feedback on it for you.

@ManicDee will you open this Wed (8/July)?

Yes, that’s the plan.

Hi @Eyal,

Let me know the part number so that we can get this underway.