ESP8266 - Code Repository

At each of these workshops we seem to be solving the same problems over and over within the group (not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that). I think some of them, such as initialising the WiFi connection can easily be wrapped up into a library we can all use, and get on with doing more interesting things.

So how about setting up a public repository in the MHV Github so we can all contribute to building some solid libraries to handle all this boring stuff?

That’s a good idea - yes.

We could focus on ‘examples’, library-type-stuff, and mqtt. I don’t think anyone is doing much at that level yet.

Someone give me a name and I’ll create a repo today. I think I’ll need each contributor’s github account name if they want to be able managed the repo so let me know your account names and I’ll see about adding you.

I don’t mind some combination with MHV + IOT + LIB + ESP8266

that’ll do for now. Let me know your git hub account names and I’ll set up a team and give it commit access.

Github account: harvie256

mine is clixx-io

Thanks Adam. I am eyaleb on github.

Certainly that’s true to a degree. Although overall I’d say that lot’s has been accomplished and we’ve seen working examples of lots of things now.

Yes. Well when things have gone wrong often we’ve had to reflash the modules and go through the entire configuration process from the start.

To my way of thinking, a ‘libary’ as such doesn’t really address this per-se. If it includes some tools then yes it would.

The general direction I’d encourage this to go in is for a Windows-8 style Tile system with IoT management tools for typical home devices.

In Europe, they seem to want OTA-updates, which is uploading new code ‘over-the-air’ - via http/mqtt. Sounds suspect to me, but if that works, then it solves most of the repetitive issues we’ve been seeing with the modules so far.

Of course I don’t think that it’s a few hours work - maybe more.

Thanks Adam

I am PaulGarrett (strangely enough)

Hi David, Mine is owencook Owen