Epoxy Granite Casting Supplies?

Anyone had a go at epoxy granite casting?

I’m looking to do some CNC mods and looking for sources of the ingredients in bigger than normal DIY quantities (i.e. enough to core fill some large steel sections.)

What do you mean? Are you talking about casting rock crush to make synthetic stone material (like a benchtop) or painting granite look “rocks”?

Epoxy is quite expensive per cubic cm, little own per cubic metre.

To hold composite granite material together it’s usually pressed with an industriial press and then it sets.

I have access to a lot of synthetic rock crush. Granite itself is a pretty hard material and isn’t used for making that much these days afaik.

Essentially the first, example here:

But it’s pretty common on the cnczone forum. Used to stiffen up hollow sections, and because the rock is good at absorbing vibrations.

I found a supplier of the epoxy in the sort of quantity needed, and it’s not too bad price wise.

And apparently one can use rock from landscaping supplies if washed.

I have access to tons of that, literally. At least 500kg per week. 100-200kg is probably ok to carry in my car. On account of the fact that there is kitchen-bench cutting workshop next to my work that throw’s what you are asking away as crush.

The stuff that I have access to is the nice white stuff.

This week I did some test cuts on the material to see how easy it is to cut. It cuts easily. I’m actually trying to make a small cnc using the granite-material as a base. It’s comes polished as is, usually with the plastic-surface-film from when it was cast.

If Sydney stops making kitchens for all the apartments, then the supply of the material might dry up. But right now it’s very easy to get.

I was thinking to make some more visits and could bring as little or as much as you want.

In fact, there are so many stone-bench-offcuts, there’d be enough material available to do some workshop-challenges to actually make useful tools out of this beautiful material.

This will be the Dremel Cutting Tool base with slider [hopefully].

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