DIY Aluminium Cases for Electronic Projects

As a follow to recent projects I completed an Aluminium case for my Raspberry-Pi.

It’s done using L-profile aluminium from Bunnings and some sheet aluminium. It’s solder-welded using Durafix aluminium-soldering sticks.

I’m quite happy that I’m now able to have solid custom-made electronics enclosures.

[apologies for what looks brown. That’s the impurities in the water from quenching. Unfortunately the photo’s have made that much more noticeable than it is to my eyes.]

This was definitely my first attempt. I think my technique can be improved on with practice. Anyway, it did work.

I’m quite happy with the results for now. I’m sure this could be adapted to make strong aluminium cases for all sorts of electronics projects.


Nice! I can see an anodising bath in future=)


I hadn’t thought of anodising but it’s something to consider.

Next step will probably be doing a few more for different computer projects and doing a faster and more accurate job on all the cuts. This one can now go into active service.

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