Dell Power Source

Hello All,

Does anyone out there have a Dell PA 10 or PA 12 power pack that I could borrow to test something? I only need it for a few minutes to see if I laptop I found works.


Hi Ben,
I have a Dell power supply. I can dig it up and bring it on Saturday morning. I couldn’t tell you what model, though. It was from a dell precision machine. M5600 or or M6500 or something like that, from memory. I have a vague use in mind as that machine has a dock with a parallel port:D Useful for bit-banging.
Cheers, Chris.

It looks like it should do the job. I should be there on Saturday so it would be good to try it out. Thanks

Ben! I’m really sorry! In the rush to orgnanise myself, this morning, (which I don’t feel I did very effectively), I forgot to bring the power supply. When are you likely to be next appearing at MHV? I can drop in and bring the thing along.
Cheers, Chris.


I won’t make it to an official opening this week but can drop by any time. I am free most days (stay at home dad). So whenever works for you is good.


Ummm I can leave it with MHV next open day and pick it up, again, after you’ve tested. :slight_smile:

That would be awesome.


Hi Ben, I’ve only just found my power supply. I’ll drop it off at MHV on Tuesday evening, assuming it’s opening. Cheers, Chris.

Sweet thanks. I can drop by Wednesday during the day and test it so you can get it as soon as you want really.

I will post hear once I have done it

Awesome. I’m assuming MHV is opening on Tue. evening so will run it over then.

Thanks; I will try and drop by in the next day or two and test the unit. It will only take 30seconds

Cool, I’ll drop it by, after work, this evening.

Hey, Ben, Left the power supply with Tony. Cheers, Chris. Good luck with the laptop!

Sweet! Thanks!

Hey, Ben, How’d you get on with your laptop? Hopefully it’s functional?
Cheers, Chris.

I have been away for uni and haven’t had the chance to do it yet. I am planning on heading over tomorrow and have a look. Where did it end up?

I left it at MHV, with Tony(?). I’m not in a rush so don’t stress over it:)

I want to get on with testing it too see if it works or to try something else with it. If the computer itself does not work I want to try using the screen from it in a seperate project.

Yeah, cool! Waste not…:wink:

Dropped by today and picked the supply up. The laptop did not work :frowning: however I am glad I was able to test it without buying a new power source for it.