Dec 13, 2015 9:00AM: TIG Time

Hello Makers

I’ll be in the space from 9AM till about 5pm with my TIG machine and gas again. People are free to come along and have a go, in particular @Amr_Tawfik who was interested last time but missed it. Going to test my new gas lens (below) which will hopefully make some nicer welds and use less gas.

Hopefully doesn’t interfere too much with the quadcopter people.


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Thanks Ken! I’ll see you tomorrow for sure!

Speaking of which I forget to mention, I kinda destroyed and used the tower
you built last time. Hope you don’t mind…you did mention it was only a
practice thing…

Yeah, that’s fine and it’s this Sunday; not tomorrow.

Derp. Thanks. I’ll try and make it Sunday.

Try to post pictures if you can :smiley:

Before I forget Paul, I couldn’t seem to get google calendar working. It was the email attached to this account u added right?

Hmmmmmmmmmm could’ve sworn you were added… that email was not in there; it’s now added.

Here are photos from today:

Amr preparing some metal for welding.


Some of the practice welds

I also helped out Owen build a portable antenna base but I didn’t get to take pictures of the construction.

Some cut and prepped RHS with two pieces already welded together.

Some of the pieces welded together.

All the pieces welded together.


Here is a picture of Ken’s fine work on the wheel stand. It holds a 25mm, 4m length of conduit, the top meter of which holds a flower pot antenna. See Half-Wave Flower Pot Antenna – VK2ZOI

Lotsa thanks to Ken.

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