Can someone who can please deal with the MHV expired ceriticate

Since “02/12/16 00:30” I am unable to access MHV. Our site requests HSTS (so https connection is mandatory) but the broken certificate gets in the way.

I am sad to say that Firefox does not allow me to override this behavior (Mozilla does not get that “the user is in control”).
I am ashamed to admit having to use IE to post this topic :-(


Thank you whoever fixed it, I can access the site now.

I only just renewed the certs - sorry everyone; it was bad timing while I was in the middle of a self-inflicted data recovery nightmare (so I couldn’t login to VMs), and it seems none of the other MHV infrastructure regulars could login either.

Will ensure that it’s more than just me who can access the VMs, if you have some Linux skills or other suggestions for the infrastructure please do reply here.


You rock Paul