Buying a wifi (parabolic reflector) antenna in Canberra

Hi all,

I’m after a parabolic antenna for wifi. Jaycar used to stock them, but not anymore.

Any idea about where can I find a place to buy one ?


You may have found an antenna already… but have you thought about using an old satellite TV (foxtel) dish? Something like this:

If you are using a cheap USB wifi dongle, you can mount the whole thing at the focal point of the dish and save fooling around with homemade antennas…

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your message. I found a couple of shops in Sydney, so at the end I’ll go there next week (having some days off).

The problem with the foxtel reflectors is finding the right illuminator (the antenna you put on its focal point). If its radiation pattern is too wide (like the dongle antenna) then you are wasting some energy sent to all directions that should be actually focused into the reflector. On the other hand, if the illuminator has a pattern too narrow (like a pringles’ can antenna) then you’ll not be using all your dish, because most of your energy is focused into a central “hot” area, leaving the surrounding area “cold”.

The thing about the wifi parabolic antennas is that the reflector is (or it should be) matched to the iluminator, maximizing gain and minimizing side lobes. Fingers crossed.

Sorry for the long post,