Business Cards

Hello MHV people.

We are running low on business cards, and I’m thinking of putting in a new order. However, before I do, does anyone have any ideas/thoughts/recommendations?

We have our original card design in a PDF, which should be easy enough to get reprinted, but…

  • A QR code might be a cool addition (but I have no graphic design skills).
  • A tech card with a usb etc would be neat too (but out of budget!).
  • And, when we get the new laser cutter, it would be neat to make some with that too.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks! :smile:


Hey Mon, I think there’s a place for boring old cards, it won’t be a waste even if we do eventually do laser cut shenanigans. Feel free to modify the design, it’s a do-ocracy :smiley:

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Thanks to Paul for ordering and picking up the cards!

They are fancy and shiny and available at the space now :smile:

We can DIY some in the future

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Also thanks @mon for generously paying for them :slight_smile:

Vividprint have said there won’t be a setup fee next time (actually, it seems they didn’t charge on this occasion either, I mentioned we were a non-profit) as they’ve got the design and our non-standard size configured now with their card cutting system.

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