Building a BuildersBot

This instructable has really intrigued me

I think it would be pretty handy.

Has anyone got experience they could share to getting this project built

There is a handful of printers at the space already in various states. But, one major source of problems is the flimsy frames of most of them. They move around and have ‘economical’ designs that tend to break. A good frame and rail system like in the instructable then you would improve things dramatically.

If you build a solid frame with an accurate rail system, then there is at least one idle 3d printer that could probably be harvested for most other useful parts.

I would be cool to see something with different heads, eg laser, dremel, pen holder etc.

This sounds promising. I think this frame might cost $250 to make, I’m trying to find someone who can do it cheap, my welding skills are not what they used to be.

I have an arduino and a Dremel and could probably scrounge up a bunch of the electronics etc.