Break in at MHV - question about stuff I'd left at MHV on Tuesday

We’ve had another break in at MHV, and some of the stuff that I left at MHV for people to take on Tuesday is gone (along with more valuable stuff). I was wondering if anyone took the old Amstrad computer, the plastic bag of dect phones and a plastic drawer of bits and pieces including some fold out tools and a dead pentax SLR camera. Just so we know if they were stolen or legitimately taken away by a member.

I think there were also 2 arduino kits left from the workshop - does anyone know if they were still around?

Please contact me if you have any of these.




As per our chat — if there is a bee tomorrow I’ll swing by. Also happy to see if I can help key-alike the locks (I actually have a Lockwood pinning kit en-route to do exactly this sort of stuff).

ping @ManicDee, @eyal and @Harvs did you notice on Wednesday what was on the large table downstairs?

That’s disappointing to hear.

Personally I never ventured downstairs and had no idea about the break-in.

I was only in the upstairs, I did not even know that/if the downstairs was open.

The break in happened after the space was closed or Alex would have noticed
when he was locking up.
I am just trying to find out what was still on the table when the space was