Audio tape player wanted

Does anyone have an audio cassette tape player I could borrow to digitise some old audio tapes. I’m not sure how fragile the tape is - so I’d prefer to borrow one that isn’t too valuable.

I could probably help. I have a good quality deck (SONY Walkman Professional). Portable, runs on 4xAA. Used to be the bee’s knees…

thanks @eyal. I thought to look on ebay, and I can get a USB one for about $20. That way I don’t have to worry about my tape disintegrating in yours and ruining it.

No worries Brenda, though I doubt you can easily destroy this device.

You will want to ensure that the deck you get will

  • handle the tape type you have (normal, chrome, metal)
  • decode Dolby B or C if you recorded with NR
  • allow adjusting playback head azimuth

And remember, cheap decks have cheap heads. This makes a big difference if you have good recordings.

BTW, I have a small, battery operated Dolby B decoder (which is unbreakable!). Useful if you get a plain deck that attaches to the PC audio input (rather than one that attaches with USB).

n.b.: I admit, I was (am?) an audio geek…