Anyone has aluminium solder wire I can use?

I separated a 3S lithium battery into three individual batteries. I managed to solder both wires on two of them, but the +ve tab on the third refuses to take solder. I tried everything

I gather that I need a special solder for aluminium work. Checking element14 shows a roll for $100. A bit much for one off use. If I split more batteries then I will be wiser and leave some part of the tab that already has solder - I was too rough this time and broke off a large part of that tab.


Maybe you could try spot welding some strip on. @clixx_io had a battery spot welder…

A situation update. I was using a clip to attach to the battery, charging and discharging (testing) it. I accidentally pushed the charger off the desk and it tore off a bit of the tab. It is now very small, but I can still attach the clip to it. Just.

Here are a top and bottom views.

One can see how originally the tab had a spot welded attached (see -ve tab) which was accepting solder (see 2nd view). The +ve tab is now very short and probably it will be physically challenging to spot weld anything to it.

I am close to accepting defeat but if anyone thinks it can be saved then I am game to fight on. Just for fun, financially it is not worth it of course.

On the positive side, the batteries do provide 1450-1500mAh as advertised.

I have a special solder for aluminium, but not sure if it’s thin enough for what you are attempting there, I’ll try and remember to bring it next Wednesday.