7 September, 19:00: Electronics Wednesday - venue?

Hi all!

It seems @jambulance & all who chipped in over the weekend achieved a hell of a lot! This means that for meetups this week we must decide between an abundance of seating at the new space, or a couple of couches - and working wifi/internet - which remains upstairs at our old home.

@ian would it be much trouble to change your incredible led display to read something like “http://makehackvoid.com/moved” or similar so we have some free advertising for the rest of the month?

I’m not being much use with the move myself at the moment, I’m quite a bit behind I’m afraid, open to suggestions

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I think that having internet access is of value, so meet at the “old” space?
I am not sure what state the other stuff is in upstairs - is the soldering station still there? The Taz?

No drinks or munchies though :frowning:


Cool, I’ll post the Electronic Wednesday events to be at the usual location this week. Thanks

Great!! But some will ha e to open up and close as i am unavailable on wednesday night :confused: sorry guys

ok will look into it,
Will try and make it say “MHV moved to Tucana St Giralang”

I should have left a small box of snacks there to capitalise on all these hungry visitors! Lost revenue :’(

P.S If no one sees the Cheetos there, I think they may be on the highway somewhere between Belconnen and Giralang…

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The sign is done.


Just to confirm @eyal @Ken_Taylor @Dexta_Bb is someone opening up tonight?

Apologies for theate notice, we thought a key holder would spontaneously present themselves as they usually do but the chaos machine hasn’t aligned itself in favour of running this week’s Electronics Wednesday!

EDIT: This turned out to be not cancelled, lucky nobody reads my messages :wink:

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