3D Printing expressions of interest producing 3D printed objects for July (any advice also appreciated)

Hi MHVers

I am organising a number of events and activities for public servants relating to ‘disruptive technologies’ in July as part of APS Innovation Month.

I’m seeking an indication of how possible and much it might cost to commission someone to design and print some 3D trophies for winning participants. I’m not talking Stanley Cups. Just a small, hopefully irreverent or cool figure or object on a pedestal. Perhaps with writing (‘indent’ type would be fine) on the side ‘Innovation Month 2016’ or some such. I’d be happy if it also said made by MHV or something too.

Could anyone tell me if they would be interested and how much that might cost? The volume I’d want would depend on the price - but would I guess range from 3 to 40.

Provider would need an ABN, bank account etc.

Let me know on the forum!

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Not a 3D Printing person myself, but I’ve cross-posted to the Facebook group as well, in case that’s useful :smile:


Are you after a model you guys can print or would it to be printed on a private printer like my own?
Is there a particular theme or style you would like the trophies to be made around?

If I were to put a estimate cost I would say roughly 2-3$ per trophy this however is a rough estimate dependant on the trophies volume.

(I deleted a previous post, misread your forum post earlier)

If you have a model you can always use a 3D Printing service like Shapeways or 3DHubs, they often have access to a lot more expensive and higher quality printers than a lot of the personal printers other people have, they also have a lot more materials such as metal and metal…

Depending on the trophy you might be looking at of 10-20 per trophy on a commercial service like the ones mentioned above.

There are multiple printers at the space, if you have a design you should come in and experiment.

If you need to produce a design have look for CAD tools. Or you could look through the various online collections of 3d models available. There are dozens of sites now, Pinshape, YouMagine, Cubify, My Mini Factory, GrabCAD, DEFCAD, 3DVIA, etc etc.

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Hi Ben

I don’t have a theme or style in mind - $ is my main concern, but at $2-3
per item, this is no problem. I was thinking of just a simple trophy shape
(I saw a few online at one of the CAD / 3D print type sites). I could just
as easily go for something else that (thematically) says 3D printing or
’disruptive technology’ - something funny might be nice. It only has to be
small - more of a token gesture really. Imagining they were $2.50 each, I
would like 16, making it $40.

Do you think you could do it for me?


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Hey Ross,

If you can post some of the links to the kind of things your after It would give me a better idea of what design to do as there are quite a lot of different kinds of trophies.

After looking at them I’ll do some draft designs and we’ll start with getting the 3D Model then sort out the actual printing as the price and time of printing is entirely dependant on the model and it’s sizes.

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If a response on the forum is slow you can email me at b3nstark@gmail.com

The bus shelters might’nt be to everyone’s taste, but our own @devdsp shared a 3D model on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1540791

… in case you wanted some iconic architecture on a pedestal :smiley:

Hi thanks everybody. Yes those bus shelters are truly cool. Just yesterday I gave the job to someone who’s also doing another event for me.

On a personal level too I will have to join up and come in to the space and check out the machines. I’d like to get into it myself. I mostly do electronic kits and internet inspired projects for fun and would like to check out 3d printing for custom knobs, bobbins and harnesses etc for electronic guts. I also want to make a saddle for a pager motor and watch battery to sick on the back of a toothbrush head for kids parties etc. Just using regular adhesives makes the brush bots activity a bit annoying sometimes.


That’s great! Welcome to MHV. Feel free to drop in any Tuesday or Wednesday night, or share any progress on your projects with us here or on Facebook/Twitter etc :slight_smile: