29/01/2014 Space Opening 7pm - With journos from 8pm

I’ll be opening the space on Thursday night to move along some of my projects as well as have further philosophical and practical chats with a journalist from the Canberra Times who’re doing a feature story on MHV.

I’d dearly love to have a wide cross section of our community in the space working on what ever it is is interesting to them at the time. You don’t even have to be interested or comfortable talking to journalists. I can Shepard them around as needed.

I’ll be in and hopefully bringing some extra people.

I’ll be there. Might open early if I get few things done here.

More good vibes and good progress in the hackerspace last night. Thanks for those who made the extra effort to drop by and talk and be photographed.

I managed to make progress on my lighting project for YouAreHere as did Brenda on the Robosapian she’s been rewiring. Ken and Duo continued to progress the sword project for their friend, mostly doing leather work on a scabbard as far as I could tell.

The chats with the journo were really good and I was glad to have more than my perspective conveyed. Special shout outs to Ducky from Tasmania for joining in an outsiders perspective and further shout outs to the newer faces that I’m yet to commit names to my long-term memory for (I’ll get there!). Aaron and My New Favorite Demo Scene Enthusiast person, I think. :slight_smile:

I’m feeling a lot of new years (post Congress, post LCA) optimism around the hackerspace right now. Tonight’s planned video session and the idea that it will become a regular thing is something I’m super excited about. Engaging with the tech conference circuit culture is super important to me because I have such a strong relationship with its positives and such a strong desire to work on its negatives; and that’s why I’m so excited this is starting up. Having more journalists interested in what we’re doing and being given the space to write about us is exciting. Knowing that the space has been open for decent blocks of time every day this week, for different reasons and catering to different people, is well on the way to where I want this community to be.

…and seeing Ken and Duo’s sword in person was awesome.

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I had a good time.

I made progress on rewiring the RoboSapien. Brought the wiring bundle down the leg and worked out what most of the wires were on the left foot. Slight problem - an earth and two connections to power that I don’t have wires for. I’ll have to see if I have a wiring diagram - I seem to remember they might come across from the batteries in the other foot. See what I find when I match up the wires from the top to the right foot.

Going to go to the space this afternoon to see if I can work it out.