2015 ACT Adult Community Education Grants Program

Someone, presumably representing the appropriate Government body, has dropped off a flyer advertising the 2015 ACT Adult Community Education (ACE) Grants Program is about to commence.

The Grants program this year opens on the 19th September, which it was pointed out is different from last time.

On the 19th, the website http://www.det.act.gov.au/training/funded_training_initiatives/adult_community_education_grants_program can be used to apply (address was typed -hopefully I transcribed it correctly).

Emailing funding@act.gov.au for further info.

I’ve put the flyer up on the blue notice board.


I’d just like to say it might be worth thinking about how we could collectively do this.

To my way of thinking, the Arduino Classes went fairly well.

And because some of us read hackaday.com occasionaly and make things sometimes, it should mean that we can have some hackerspace-related perspective that might never make it into standard educational content.

I’d like to put it out for discussion to have a call for training sessions. I’m thinking:

  • Audio Hacking - Audio Basics (AC/Speakers/Amps), D-class amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, codecs, DAC’s

  • Arduino (yes again, smoothed and improved - maybe covering the new ARM DUE)

  • Lithium batteries, (types/charging/chemistry)

  • Quadcopters

  • Electric Motor Technology. (AC/DC/Brushless motors)

  • suggestions by others.

Maybe it could be done in a way to help recover some hackerspace operating costs and pay people for their time (optional).