16/08/14 – Saturday Hacking

I’m opening the space from 11am - 5pm tomorrow, Saturday 16/08.

Ken asked on makers list for it to be opened (he’d like someone to open on Sunday from 11-5pm too if possible).

Come and make use of the makerspace or just enjoy the view!

Saturday hacking… I want to try a few more settings on the Rostock printer. I’m also going to look at adding twitter &/or instagram to the makehackvoid.com home page, happy to help other people learn how to update the website, so come and see me if you are interested.

The wall painters are continuing wall taping (they ran out of tape!) and then painting.

We made some great progress on the geometric wall painting last night, but we didnt quite finish (we ran out of tape!)

@jambulance, Megan, and I are planning on heading in at about 11-11.30am today to finish the job.

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