11 February, 10AM: Saturday AGM & Hackathon (IMPORTANT)!

This is a volunteer-driven organization run on chaos, donations, and luck. Being on committee isn’t hard - we have a monthly committee meet and perhaps a few hours here and there outside of that. So if you think we could be doing better (we know that we could!) - please step up and help us keep MHV going!

2016 was an eventful year: we scored a new premises (that we somewhat urgently need to figure out how to break-even with); we received a $4,000 donation from the ACT Chief Minister that we’ll be deciding how to spend in this AGM; we received a generous donation of a Taz 5 3D Printer from LulzBot/AlephObjects; we tried to step out of the space a little by participating in community events such as GovHack, BSidesCBR etc. and we’re hoping 2017 is the year we finally see that Glowforge laser cutter :smiley:

There’s 7 positions: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and three “general” committee. So between us there isn’t much to do! The positions we know to be vacant at this time are:

  • Treasurer - @Dexta_Bb (with @tpack’s invaluable assistance!) has done great work getting last financial year’s books straightened out.
  • General committee positions

If you can’t make it to the AGM, you can still nominate yourself for a position and vote remotely if you wish.


10am: AGM

  • President’s summary
  • New committee
  • Financial report

11am: Thoughts and ideas for MHV’s future

1pm: Lunch

  • BBQ?
  • Pot Luck?

2pm: Divide up some of the work

3pm: Hackathon

  • Tidy/arrange
  • PC/3D printer area
  • Welding / material storage area
  • Tool room
  • Audit - What do we have?
  • Install alarm system
  • Solve ‘keeping the books up to date and generating the yearly report’ problem

7pm: Dinner

  • Pizza?
  • Party/Food/Merriment
  • BBQ?
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Bad shop link, maybe try this.

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Thanks @eyal!

Would there be any interest in laser cutting some MHV swag to give out at the AGM. I was thinking maybe some funky MHV keyrings or the like.

If so, I can do the production bit, but I’d need someone with a creative side to help out so it might actually be something people would want :slight_smile:


What kind of things can your cutter do?

I’ve been trying to think of cool things but coming up blank.

A quick internet search yields some amazing laser cut things

It’s a 90W C02 laser with a bed size of about 500x300.

So being a C02 laser, it can cut and engrave most non-metallic materials. With the exception that some stuff is pretty nasty like PVC creates chlorine gas that etches the mirrors.

You’ll find acrylic plastics of various colours and layers, and wood are perhaps the most popular.

If you haven’t had the chance to do any laser cutting before, a browse of ponoko.com is a good place for ideas. A big difference with an online service to actually having the cutter is you don’t have to always work with raw sheet stock.

As an update on the February 11 AGM & Hack - we just happened to pick one of the hottest February days on record for our AGM, so after a lively discussion in the morning - we all just melted and really not much point in doing anything inside or outside the space. So AGM postponed to a date yet to be determined.

On the plus side the MHV accounts for 2015-2016 have been audited and the report is available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NUfWGIZ_w1MzdaznLWyF7TO0gtRKtSLEXMa2hXrORG0

Separate post for rescheduled AGM