01/04/2015 Space Opening Wednesday

Opening up on the most dangerous day of the year. As usual, I plan to have the space open before 7pm. I’ll hang around solo till about 8pm (depending on how immersed I am in my project), but will keep the space open until late if people are around.

Space is open!

Come and keep me company, see if you can make me stay here later than 8pm!

I feel like I’m on Ghostbusters: “We’ve got one!”

First time I’ve ever received a phone call on the IP phone here too.

Hello @ManicDee, I’m not going to make it tonight, been doing MHV stuff at home today - getting some automation working to make it easier for keyholders to announce space opening events.

Now when a new calendar entry is created https://zapier.com will notice and will post to the Space Opening category - like this for your event tomorrow night: Apr 02, 2015 07:00PM: Electronics Thursday
It also copies the calendar entry into Mahavo’s private calendar so that https://ifttt.com can post a message to the Facebook group.

Zapier can’t post to google groups, but IFTTT can’t read anything but the default calendar for a Google account. So have to use both the get through to Google groups.

Zapier has up to 15 minute polling period (quicker during our 14 day trial) and IFTTT also has a 15 minute polling period. So worst case events could take up to 1/2 hour to appear on Facebook.

I created a Mahavo account on Facebook with access to post to the MHV group and a matching account on this Discourse forum. I added the configuration to Discourse to allow new topics to be created by email from the Mahavo user.

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You didn’t get to spend much time on your project - the two sets of visitors were very curious & chatty.

Yup! Had a great night, even without any progress on my personal goals :smiley: